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May 28, 2007

The future of the "bandits"

Those "11 bandits" who didn't do so well in the DPP primary may have a shot left after all. The DPP would like to recruit them and probably their standard of "political assasins" (hot babes and . . . hot babes, really. That's all) to run in the seventeen districts that the DPP's chances are seen as worse.

Many of the "bandits" have not responded positively:

Asked how they would respond if the party leadership decided to summon them to run in "tough electoral zones" where the odds are against DPP candidates, at least four of a group of DPP members dubbed the "11 bandits" by their critics reacted with indifference or made sarcastic remarks.
Strategically, it makes sense that you want the candidates with the widest appeal running in the most competitive districts. But I think you have several problems here: (1) the party has not done much to defend the reputations of the "bandits," and even basically left them to the wolves, so the normal green support base could be less inclined to turn out for them; (2) the candidates themselves will probably find their "reversal of fortunes" to be insulting, though will grab the chance to save his or her career; and (3) I don't know if blue approval of an anti-A-bian green candidate will transfer into a green vote.

I guess we'll have to see what happens.

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