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May 29, 2007

Possible CEC bill breakthrough

According to a UDN report, It seems the blues and greens may have come to a decision that would allow the CEC bill, and therefore the budget, to finally pass. Rumor has it the blues will be willing to write the law so that the a referendum (like the Party Assets Referendum) and an election can be held on the same day, and to ensure that the CEC simply checks the paperwork instead of debating whether to hold the elections on the same day or not.

But also supposedly, the other conditions the blues made for allowing this to happen are (1) the legislative election and presidential election will not be held on the same date, and (2) the DPP can only push a referendum for one of those two elections. The DPP is said to be considering this proposal at this time.

Update (reupdated link): the KMT will also be pushing two referendum topics, and it looks like they're modifying one: the two are the "Oppose corruption, protect state property" referendum「反貪腐、護國產」and the "raise Taiwan's international competitive advantage" referendum「提升台灣國際競爭優勢」. The name for the second referendum was chosen when it was decided "Promote Cross-straight direct flights"「推動兩岸海空直航」 would be seized on by th DPP and might not work.

I can't find any more info on those referendum topics yet.


Raj said...

Taiwan News Online reports that an agreement has been reached on the CEC bill.

Do you know if it has been scheduled for voting on Friday? Same applies to the budget - is that scheduled for Friday?

阿牛 said...

budget is scheduled to be voted on right after the CEC bill, I believe. Unless they've pushed it down to behind this cross-strait investment bill, but I don't think they did.

阿牛 said...

Actually, neither was on the agenda for today.

Raj said...

Are they on the agenda for Tuesday or any day next week? I have heard of votes taking place on a Tuesday.