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May 28, 2007

No Confidence Vote?

The PFP has been throwing around the idea for a long time, but the KMT doesn't seem to be taking the bait -- they believe A-bian would call for new legislative elections and the blues would do badly in the early elections it would bring.

However, the KMT has set up a working group to study the idea and decide if it would be a smart political move.

I think this is just a lot of noise.

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Michael Turton said...

At the moment it is noise, but if they brought down the premier just before the election, it might do great harm to the DPP's ability to use the government to advance its cause. With so many county chiefs Blue, they don't need control of the central government. And the pres wouldn't dismiss the legislature, it'd bring the election too early. That's why the KMT is studying the issue, I suspect, trying to work out all these ramifications.