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Apr 18, 2007

False start, PFP, 5 yards, repeat first down

The People's First Party (PFP) decided to skip out on a committee meeting today in the legislature. As a result, the DPP was able to get both the KMT ill-gotten assets bill and an amendment to election law that would disqualify Ma Ying-jeou from running based on his having been charged for corruption.

Most attribute the PFP's decision to the KMT's unwillingness to avoid running in certain legislative races, particularly in Keelung, which would be about the only way the PFP had a chance of winning some seats next time around. It should be noted that the KMT has avoided nominating in a few (15) legislative seats, perhaps to leave themselves wiggle room for exactly this sort of situation.

The KMT's reaction was to say "even lovers have quarrels," and they hope things can be worked out with the PFP by Friday, when it will be placed on the legislative agenda (at least, that's what I think 院會的報告事項 means). In other words: the KMT is quaking in their boots.

The DPP predictably praised the PFP, saying this would help clean up politics.

For his part, Wang Jin-pyng said the KMT Central Standing Committee must handle this matter wisely, and that if the KMT were pushing this sort of legislation they could control the contents and the process. Not exactly saying "get rid of Ma," but his comments still hint that the KMT should remember Ma might not be able to run.

My guess? The PFP is just blowing some hot air, hoping to squeeze the KMT, but is probably unwilling to make a total break. Then again, if the KMT does not give the PFP some breathing space in certain races, the PFP could feel left for dead and may strike back with all they've got.


Raj said...

How come the DPP and TSU didn't use the opportunity to put the budget at the top of the Thursday agenda? Or did they think the KMT and PFP would just block it so there'd be no point?

Would have been worth a shot in my opinion.

阿牛 said...

I don't believe the committee for the budget handles these topics, so I don't believe that would be possible.

Raj said...

Oh, I thought there was just one committee to set the agenda for the week.

阿牛 said...

Hm, I suppose I'm not sure. I'll see if I can find someone to confirm or deny this.

阿牛 said...

Looks like your right Raj, the Procedures Committee is the one in charge of this business.

It probably would have been worth a shot to try to pass the budget, but maybe the PFP hinted they would turn up unless the DPP put those two items on top.