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Apr 13, 2007

DPP infighting over Kaohsiung County-04

Kaohsiung County Councilor Chen Wai Man (陳慧文) and legislator Lin Tai-hua (林岱樺) both registered to run in Kaohsiung Co.-04. Yesterday, the two candidates agreed to use an opinion poll to decide the candidate in the district (a move Lin says favors Chen) and not to sling any mud.

Hours after the agreement, Chen Wai Man made an announcement highlighting some comments Lin Tai-hua had made about A-bian's state affairs fund. Apparently, the comments Lin had made at that time were rather unfavorable.

Lin held a press conference today to slam Chen's tactic as back-stabbing. Chen said she was merely quoting Lin and telling the truth, so there was no mud slinging going on at all.

This is another demonstration on how precarious a situation both parties are in considering the shrinking of available legislative seats.

民進黨鳳山立委初選相互攻訐 縣黨部籲節制 (中央社)


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