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Apr 27, 2007

KMT has plan to prevent splits

They probably didn't mean for this to be an official announcement in terms of how they're going to prevetn splits, but it's still a rather direct statement.

When confronted by three Tainan KMT legislators who wanted gaurentees they'd be on the list for the at large seats, KMT chariman Wu Poh-hsiung (吳伯雄) said that while he can't gaurentee anybody an at large seat, he could promise he'd "reserve them a seat" on the 2008 election team, and that if the KMT wins they would get to be government officials.

This is of course what was to be expected and how things work in many democracies, but it's also a rather tactless endorsement of the spoils system.

EDIT: Ma Ying-jeou is trying to deny this is the plan without denying it. When asked about reports that Wu Poh-hsiung had reassured Tainan legislators they could at least get to be government officials, former chairman Ma said he himself "personally had no such plan"「個人沒有這個計畫」 and that the correct course of action at this time is to focus on the elections.

Two things: first, that first CNA article does not quote Wu Poh-hsiung directly and it seems it got its information from the Tainan legislator. That's a problem, but the Tainan legislator probably isn't lying. Second, I think I've seen this "rumor" before and it's obviously very credible.

EDIT 2: The PFP also came out to endorse such a plan, saying it was perfectly normal. They're not wrong, just shameless.

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Raj said...

Maybe also a sign they're getting a bit desperate?