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Apr 19, 2007

First defection of the legislative season!

KMT legislator Lee Sen-zong (李顯榮) is no longer a KMT legislator. He is switching sides to the DPP, resigning from the KMT and making it clear he hopes to run for the DPP in Taipei County-01. He is considered one of those "Pro-Wang" legislators.

Most interesting is that the KMT central committee had offered Lee a spot last year as #12 on the at large list, a safe seat, but he declined before bolting. He is rumored to be doing this as a protest of sorts for the KMT primary procedure.

I imagine the DPP has already told Lee they will accommodate his switch, if for no other reason than to encourage a few other guys to jump ship. Expect at least a few more!


Raj said...
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Raj said...

So with this change, what will the new composition of the legislative yuan be in regards to numbers of all the parties/groupings?

阿牛 said...

Actually I don't believe Lee is a DPP member yet, so for now he's an independent. (CNA articles 立委初選爭議 李顯榮不排除投靠綠營參選 and 李顯榮不排除投靠民進黨?蔡同榮:歡迎)