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Apr 12, 2007

News briefs

Wu asks legislative losers to work for Ma's '08 campaign, takes shot at Wang
Responding to pressure to find jobs for those legislators who will be unemployed after the new districting system cuts off half the seats, KMT party chairman Wu Poh-hsiung says he hopes those who don't get nominated will work on the '08 election team. Wu also hinted that Wang Jin-pyng needed to check his own heart for hatred before suggesting a minority's political elite (KMT high-level so-called mainlanders) were controlling the majority (so called native Taiwanese).

DPP pushes referenda, WHO using Taiwan
The DPP has resolved to push a three part referenda strategy before the '07 election. First, they seek to lower the barriers to the referenda and remove the power of a legislative committee to pre-approve certain referenda. Second, they will continue to push their KMT party assets referendum. And third, they would probably be interested in a constitution-related referendum. The KMT is not amused and will (successfully) block most of these measures (they are weakest on the party assets referendum).

The DPP also wants to apply for the WHO under the name of Taiwan (not really referenda related, I supose).

TSU will decide on whether or not to change their name on 4/21 (ETToday)


Raj said...
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Raj said...

So when's the latest the CEC bill has to be passed? Doesn't the term of the current members expire in a few months?

By the way, do you have an e-mail I can contact you on? I'd like to ask you some more in depth stuff.

阿牛 said...

The deadline for the CEC bill should probably be around June 2007. That's when current terms will expire.

If you want an email, go ahead and leave yours here. I can then email you and delete the comment.

Raj said...
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