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Apr 30, 2007

More on KMT nominations

The biggest question is: will the PFP go nuclear tomorrow and let a law pass that would prevent Ma Ying-jeou from running if indicted? They have so far refused to say, but did say they feel the KMT has not been very sincere in negotiations and listed 7 districts they'd like to have a free hand in without an opinion poll, including ...

A few complaints from losers in the legislative election, and a promise to run from Ko Chu-hsiung (a former movie star and rather famous KMT legislator).

This report from Taiwan news, linked first by the View from Taiwan:

In a press conference, Lee [Ching-hua (李慶華)] pointed out anomalies in some party membership records and suspected that Chang [Ching-chung (張慶忠)] had introduced more than 5,000 nominal members into the district to help him win the primary.

According to Lee, the roster of party members in the district published by the party's Jhonghe City headquarters contained several alleys and streets where an unusual large number of KMT members live. These members had different addresses but shared same residence telephone or cell phone numbers, he added. ...

Meanwhile, [Ko Chun-hsiung (柯俊雄)] lost to People First Party-turned KMT Legislator Lu Hsueh-chang [(呂學樟)] in [Hsinchu City], and vowed to enter the legislative election despite his loss.

KMT Spokesman Su Jun-pin said party members questioning the "unfair practices" of the legislative primary need to backed up their accusations with evidence. The party will resort to party discipline to sanction those who make unsubstantiated accusations or those who insist to run in violation of party rules, Su added.

The China Post reports that the KMT has promised to look into allegations of wrong doing. The China Post also lists all those KMT members nominated in this limited primary (for 10 spots). The results will not be finalized until May 2. Here's a summary from a CNA article:

台北市四選區 蔡正元;台北市六選區 李慶安;台北縣五選區 委黃志;台北縣八選區 張慶忠;新竹市 呂學樟;台中縣四選區 徐中雄;台中市一選區蔡錦隆;台中市三選區洪昭男 (still under negotiation since PFP's 黃義交 wants to run);彰化縣三選區鄭汝芬;南投縣二選區林明溱

Meanwhile, the Taichung County KMT branch has chosen their nominees (apparently without a primary) as well. All are current legislators. From CNA:


Raj said...

The PFP has said they will turn up at the committee tomorrow but may not vote against the proposed bills.

Raj said...

The China post is now implying that the PFP will abstain from the voting.

The problem I see is that if the KMT backs down again from PFP pressure it will only further piss off existing legislators who aren't sure of getting a seat in the elections, increasing the chances of them defecting/leaving the KMT and/or running as independents.

If, however, the KMT refuses to give the PFP what it wants and thus the smaller party abstains on Friday, that will almost certainly cause a massive rift between the Pan-Blues. So the question is, have they really made up their minds for tomorrow?

Raj said...

Looks like they were bluffing.