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Apr 20, 2007

PFP almost confirms false start theory

They looked like they were going to allow the bill to pass that would bar anyone who had been charged from running for election (aka, prevent Ma from running). At the last minute though, they decided to vote with the KMT to end the session for the day before the last reading.

What gives? TTV says the KMT and PFP will talk for two weeks before this item goes on the agenda again. If they can come to an acceptable negotiated solution where the KMT doesn't run in several legislative districts during the the year-end election, the PFP will definitely change their mind. If they can't come to a solution, who knows what will happen.


Raj said...

I'd guess the PFP isn't willing to press the nuclear button just yet - they're leaving the KMT to stew for a bit, so they can extract what they want.

However if they don't get what they want they may well have to leave the KMT to hang, otherwise they'll be exposed as toothless manipulators. So the question is, will the KMT want to call their bluff and if they don't, how will those KMT legislators that lose out as a result take it? Will we see more defections?

阿牛 said...

I think you've hit the KMT's problem on the head -- they can't decide now to trash the PFP, but excessive accomodation will upset their current legislators who will be willing to bolt if they lose out.

Raj said...

By the way, I'm still waiting for your e-mail - maybe you're thinking about it too much. Just go with your gut feeling if that's the case!

阿牛 said...

you're probably right -- I want to do your question justice though and it will take a while to write, so that alone has convinced me to procrastinate for now. Will get on it soon!