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Apr 21, 2007

Not sure how I missed this one

CPBL ordered to pay NT$2.62 million to injured fan (Taiwan News Online)

The Banciao District Court ordered Taiwan's professional baseball league to pay NT$2.62 million in compensation to a baseball fan who nearly lost her eyesight after a ball hit her right eye, the first time a fan has won a compensation claim against the league since it began play in 1990 ....

The fan, surnamed Huang, who was sitting in seats along the third base line at Sinjhuang Stadium, was struck by the ball as players of the Uni-President Lions and Sinon Bulls were warming up prior to their Taiwan Series game on November 11, 2004.

At the stadium in Tianmu and Xinzhuang at least, there's a super obnoxious green fence to block the ball from flying into the stands. This fence alone is almost an affront to the great game.

If someone going to a baseball game doesn't take into account that they may get hit by a ball, they had better just not go at all.

For Christ's sake people! You should be dying to get your hands on that ball!

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