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Oct 17, 2008

New government may crack down on underground radio stations

Read about DPP calls for leniency here.

Two notes on the article: first, DPP Legislator Wang Sing-nan (王幸男) asserts that pro-Ma stations would be exempt from the crackdown, but I see no evidence of that.

Secondly, the NCC concern about fake drugs being sold on these ads is a very valid one. This is partly just a result of pure economics (that "medicine" probably don't cost shit to make and can be sold at a high price) but also a result of these stations being illegal (can't get many legit ads in that situation, can you?).

I love the underground radio stations here in Kaohsiung.


Raj said...

I know in some countries underground radio stations crop up because of media restrictions. In a democracy like Taiwan, why don't they register? Is it that expensive?

阿牛 said...

There are license reasons, yes. I don't have a lot of background on this though. Maybe a better informed reader can answer.