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Oct 27, 2008

Chen Yunlin, peace agreement round up

Taiwan's China Times believes that recent Chinese mention of moving forward on a peace agreement is significant, whatever it might ultimately look like. And Chinese media is noticing and apparently agrees without saying as much. Lee Tung-hui is not a fan.

Chen Yinlin will be here for five days. The DPP is preparing a multi-phased set of protests for Chen's visit including daily protests and nightly vigils. Chinese media is complaining that TIers want to use violence to derail Chen's visit.

The KMT Taipei branch's-emptive application for demonstration rights (probably prompted by some inside information) is still angering DPP supporters who had hoped to give Chen an earful at whatever venues he would be at. An unnamed DPP source tells Liberty Times that there will be "rapid response" teams of protesters who plan to track Chen's movements; meanwhile, a DPP legislator says those "rapid response" teams will raid the places the KMT demonstration zones if they are empty in order to put up ROC flags.

Another unnamed (non-party) source speaks of grassroots protesters planning on outdoing the Zhang Mingqing protesters, and the pro-Tibet groups will also hold demonstrations.

Quick side note: notice how KMT campaign promises to reform the Parade & Assembly Law have fallen off the radar.

Update: Check out this peace agreement "draft" from Cheyne Chiu which may look a lot like what eventually gets signed.


skiingkow said...

from the Cheyne Chiu article:

Taiwan would promise never to make any move toward “separation” from China, while Beijing vows to develop relations with Taipei only by peaceful means


Where's the part about maintaining the...umm...STATUS QUO?

So, in the Cheyne Chiu agreement, Taiwan has no protection against it's defacto independence (something the overwhelming majority of Taiwanese what upheld). But, at the same time, China gets to do what it is already doing -- aggressively compromising Taiwan's sovereignty in collusion with a local authoritarian political party (through peaceful means, of course).

If the Cheyne Chiu agreement is signed, there won't be peace in Taiwan -- I can assure you that.

阿牛 said...

I think Cheyne Chiu thinks her agreement WOULD be upholding the status quo. That's the problem with this phrase in Taiwan; people have very contradictory ideas of what constitutes it.