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Oct 31, 2008

Afternoon delight

Chen Yunlin will visit all the party elders on his arrival: Wu Po-hsiung, Lian Chan, James Soong and Wang Jin-pyng. And oh yeah, of course Ma. The Chinese have asked Taiwan to keep Chen's itinerary secret.

DPP and TSU will both protest near Chen Yunlin's hotel. And 7,000 police will be protecting him.

Meanwhile, Ma responds to claims he's too pro-China by saying he's most pro-Taiwan. Take that.

Wang Yi (王毅), director of China’s Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO), believes that Taiwan and China can begin discussing greater "media exchange" next year. "Media exchange" is code for "I want you to sell a lot of papers/TV commercials in China, become economically dependent on the Chinese market, and follow Chinese rules for content and censorship in both Taiwan and China." Wang Yi also called for student exchanges and greater cooperation catching Taiwanese criminals that hide in China.

Taiwan will allow greater Chinese investment in the island by the end of next year.

China promises tourism to Taiwan will explode soon.

DPP complains about not having an observer in on the Ma-Chen meeting.

More talk of merging Taichung city and county.

Legislators still avoiding a background check on their own citizenship status.

Somehow, cross-strait flights are neither domestic nor international. They're just cross-strait.

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