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Oct 3, 2008

More on chief justices...

From ICRT:

The Legislature today approved President Ma Ying-jeou's nominations for
five grand justices despite a boycott of the vote by opposition DPP

The minority DPP refused to take part in the vote to protest against
what it described as a failure of the nominations.

DPP Legislator Guan Bi-ling said none of the nominees -- all of whom are
professors at some of the country's most prestigious schools, judges or
fellows at Taiwan's highest-level research institute -- "enjoy prestige
or a respectful status in the academic sector."

Guan claimed that their appointments will turn the Constitutional Court into
a "conservative, reactionary" institution.

She added the DPP rejected the nominations to safeguard the dignity of the

Another DPP lawmaker said while the grand justices are supposed to be
impartial and independent, the five candidates were nominated to the
positions because of their relationship with the ruling KMT or Ma.

The KMT rejected the criticism ... saying all were chosen for their ability
to serve on the Constitutional Court ... and are emminently qualified for the

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