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Oct 1, 2008

More on the Global Times article

I thought it would be interesting to go to one of the sources of the RTI bias claims. The Liberty Times cited a fax from the GIO to RTI as evidence of pressure the Ma government was putting on RTI to change its direction.

That article in the fax came from Global Times (环球时报), a PRC paper published by and affiliated with the CCP mouthpiece People's Daily (人民日报). The exact report was titled Taiwan Independence faction still uses the Voice of Taiwan to viciously attack Ma Ying-jeou 「“独派”仍掌“台湾之音” 火力十足轰马英九」. You can find it here.

That Global Times story is simply a fluff piece, with no specifics at all, and is just citing a report from the China Review News (中國評論通訊社/中評社), which is an extremely China-friendly Hong Kong editorial site owned by the 《中国评论》 group, with headquarters split between Beijing, Guangzhou and Hongkong! All they do is reprint a few headlines and editorals; virtually all original writings are editorals! Their lead story today is an editorial asking why the DPP hates pandas. No joke.

So this article should have never been taken seriously in the first place; it certianly should not have been used as a basis to tell RTI they were bias; it is completely devoid of any content whatsoever and I am thinking increasingly obvious pressure was being exerted on RTI for largely political reasons and not to correct any particular bias.

Also note the essentially contradictory positions betwen the KMT legislators and the GIO: legislators are outright slamming RTI and Cheng You for bias; the GIO is saying they have not exerted any pressure at all (presumably because the programming was perfectly fine and fair).

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