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Oct 22, 2008

Follow up on Zhang Mingqing (張銘清) incident

There is a lot of focus in my blog's comments and other sites on whether Zhang Mingqing (張銘清) was actually physically pushed or not, and whether it was on purpose. Youtube video found by Michael Turton makes it seem unlikely there was actually any intentional physical push. Clearly the media did immediately exaggerate without having the facts precise.

But let's get real people: there was a hostile crowd chasing this guy, yelling at him. This was not just some innocent stumble. If he hadn't have tripped first, I think odds of some physical incident would have been pretty damn high. I don't think it matters if the actual fall was caused by a shove or a misstep. It did not help Taiwan's cause.

So I think that before we go congratulating ourselves on once again proving the media's bias and inclination to jump to conclusions, I think we should remember the context this took place in and understand why people would assume he was pushed. And "he wasn't really pushed" doesn't seem like much of an argument given the crowd's physical intimidation.

You also have to wonder who's brilliant idea it was to go to Tianan on such an unprecedented visit by a high ranking Chinese official.


MJ Klein said...

i have mixed feelings. while i agree on the one hand, on the other hand, being nice doesn't cut it. maybe now he has a better understanding that Taiwanese don't want to be annexed.

阿牛 said...

I think making a lot of noise should have been good enough, like that student did the day before.

Raj said...

I agree with A-gu. The guy was being forced to walk quickly backwards - your instinct is to keep facing people in a situation like that unless you start to run. If he'd been walking around without harrassment chances are he wouldn't have tripped over the tree root.

So, yes, the media reported what happened incorrectly but that doesn't mean the protestors shouldn't have done anything differently. Too much confrontation will justify a crackdown by the authorities.

skiingkow said...

I think Michael Turton summed it up nicely. This man is an official from China who's official policy is to engage in military action and kill Taiwanese whenever the PRC feels it is necessary to do so.

This man is LUCKY he got treated so well with this idiotic excursion into anti-unification territory.

you want to walk up to a hornet's nest after whacking it with a long pole and expect not to get stung?!

Give me a freakin' break!!

Michael Turton said...

The guy's a freakin' gangster whose job description is "annex Taiwan" and who has threatened local lives on many occasions.

A-gu, the shuoted protest was nice but unfortunately was from US born grad student, enabling dismissal as just another US tool. I really wish locals would speak out more.