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Oct 6, 2008

China warns U.S. on its arms deal with Taiwan

Article here ...

WASHINGTON: An announcement that the United States will sell more than $6 billion in advanced weapons to Taiwan elicited strong reactions from leaders in China, with officials in Beijing issuing denunciations and warnings that the weapons deal could worsen relations.

On Saturday, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Liu Jianchao, was quoted from Beijing as saying that the government strongly opposed the deal and warning that it could damage ties between Beijing and Washington if it went through.

A senior officer from the U.S. Embassy in Beijing was summoned by Vice Foreign Minister He Yafei, who issued a protest, according to the official press agency, Xinhua.

There is of course a paragraph with well documented falsehoods:

U.S. foreign policy recognizes only one China, with its capital in Beijing, but stresses that reunification with Taiwan, which split from the mainland in 1949, must be achieved through negotiations. Washington has pledged to support Taiwan in any unprovoked attack from China.


Allen Y said...

阿牛 - this is Allen from Foolsmountain.

So - what is the falsehood in the final paragraph? It sounds pretty standard to me...

阿牛 said...

1) Taiwan was not split from China in 1949

2) The US has pledged no such support, and the help it has promised is not contingent on "unprovoked" attacks.