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Oct 23, 2008

Wang defends ARATS protest.

I think comments on the blog raise a valid point that Zhang himself and the government he represents threaten Taiwan with war, death and destruction. And Zhang did so when he came to Taiwan.

Of course, I still don't see how pushing him helped anything, though of course we don't know who really pushed him yet (I'm pretty sure there was a push based on a video I saw last night during <頭家來開講>, but I'm also pretty sure Wang Ding-yu didn't do it, and I don't even think he saw it).

From ICRT:

The Tainan City Councilor at the center of the storm over an attack on a
visiting official from the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait
has said that he will not apologize for his actions.

According to Wang Ding-you .... contrary to claims by Zhang Ming-qing he did
not hit anyone and welcomes the A-R-A-T-S official taking him to court.

Wang added that Zhang will have to recognize the legal jurisdiction of the
Republic of China if the Chinese official plans to press charges against a
democratically elected Taiwanese City Councilor.

Speaking to reporters .. Wang said that he had not pushed Zhang, but tried to
help him up after he tripped over ... adding that he was trying to protect
Taiwan's sovereignty and that Zhang's statements of "no Taiwan independence,
no war" was offensive and tantamount to blackmail.

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