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Jun 5, 2008

Peace agreement: not likely within two years?

National Security Bureau (NSB) Director Hsu Hui-yu (許惠祐) expressed that although many people want a peace agreement with the PRC, signing within two years will be difficult, in part beacsue of differences of opinion on the sovereignty question within Taiwan. He also notes differences in interpretations of whether such a document would be a real peace treaty or a formal end to a Chinese civil war.

Hsu notes that the NSB's position is that any peace agreement could not surrender the country's soverignty.

I think this strongly hints that the KMT seeks a signing within its first term. I honestly believe the signing of any peace agreement will likely kill the right of the Taiwanese people to decide their own future by referendum, even if it delays formal unification for some time.

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chinaphil said...

I wonder what will happen if China's current inflation crisis gets out of hand?
Gordon Chang's been caught out doing this, so I'm not predicting the downfall of China or anything, but just suppose there was a bit of an economic resettling and China's growth ticked down to, say 5% a year. Same as Taiwan's. Would the KMT still be wetting themselves to get a piece of the pie then?
Or would the Chinese government think another injection of Taiwanese goodness is just what they need, and give away some more solid concessions?
It's an optimistic thought, but what the hell, it's Friday.