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Jun 24, 2008


Some KMT members in Taiwan are calling for Ma Ying-jeou to retake the office of party chairman, but Ma has declined.

MOFA has yet to start checking legislators for duel citizenships.

The Premier promises all eight of the airports Chinese tourists can fly into will be readyby 7/4. I find this dubious, but I also find it dubious many Chinese tourists will fly directly to Taitung.

The Premier once suspected his cell phone to be under surveillance.

Chuang Kuo-rong (莊國榮) will never teach at NCCU again; I believe his firing was probably political, but there's no proof of it.

The Premier will also present a relief plan within two months to help the transportation industry to cope with high oil prices.

The conference for World Youth Day in Australia originally had Taiwan listed as "Taiwan, Province of China." This has since been corrected to Taiwan (thanks for the update on that, Maddog). You can see for yourself here (

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