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Jun 25, 2008

Ma: Give Chuang Kuo-rong another chance

The recently fired Professor Chuang Kuo-rong, who was also banned for live from teaching at NCCU, will be hunger striking in protest. The presidential office came out to note he deserves at least a second chance and that the punishment didn't seem to fit the offense (the offense was campaigning for the DPP and insulting Ma and his father).

I think this highlights a few things: first, the firing was clearly political. Second, the presidential office knows this and is trying to use its clout to reverse or lighten the sentence in the case. Third, the presidential office probably should have just kept their mouth shut to avoid confirming that the case is, in fact, political.

So I'm rather torn; Ma should have just made an unofficial statement, but at the same time, at least they called a spade a spade and asked for the school to give the man a second chance.
I just don't like the presidential office sticking their heads in in cases like this. What if they used that influence to get a buddy hired?

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