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Jun 20, 2008

Score card update

Aboriginal Affairs -1 A friend reports: the new Aboriginal minister who refused interview requests for a month, And when she finally had her "inaugural press conference" a month after her inauguration,she only left 15 mins for the media to ask questions.So she was almost beaten that day with the pissed CNA reporter protested first.Then China Times and Liberty Times followed.

And the new Aboriginal policy.. tsk tsk tsk. Instead of talking about Aboriginal autonomy that even Ma promised during his campaign, her "major policy projects" include-- 1. more road, embankment, utility facilities constructions for Aboriginal townships, 2. More money into the emergency assistance fund for Aboriginal families, 3. More scholarships for Aboriginal students pursuing college education. The Autonomy law, according to KMT legislator 林益世, is not that important and should not be placed as one of the priority bills to be reviewed in the Home and Nations Committee (currently stuck in the 交內政委員會). She said they'll wait 'till all things are mature to do autonomy "on a trial basis," and there's no timetable set yet.

nd the focus of most of her policy projects is to blend Aborigines into the main-stream society
So, it's the same KMT principle. Plus, the MOTC just announced that they'll likely to rebuild the central cross-island highway which was seriously damaged during a typhoon and the previous govt decided to not rebuild for ecological reasons.

Double Standards:
-1 So the Hakka minister did his first report to the LY in Hakka and was praised. So why was the former [DPP] minister 李永得 slammed for doing so [by 朱鳳芝 who stopped his presentation]?

Total score: -5

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