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Jun 16, 2008

Military Academy

Ma Ying-jeou went to the R.O.C. Military Academy last night in preparations for today's celebrations of the Academy's 84th anniversary. He will be speaking there.

The official song of the Military Academy includes lyrics that speak of the KMT party flag waving in the wind. During the DPP era, the lyrics were not sung while the song played. That may well change this year, and the Liberty Times wonders if Ma will sing along today.

I'm not sure if there will be a follow up on this story. I'd like to know if the lyrics are sung at all more than I really care about Ma singing them.

Update: Oh snap. He sang the song.

In other news, the legislative yuan saw attendance at a record 93% last week. Congratulations, guys!


Georges said...

Therefore, "That's Possible! Politics from (One China is the Republic of) China"

HaHaHa, anymore Taiwan, anymore "democracy"

Zhonghua said...

The Huangpu school song doesn't actually mention the KMT flag... it just mentions a "Party flag". The historical context is obvious, but that's not why the DPP would've refused to sung it.

The real key line is of course:
努力建设中华, work to build China.

So, bravo to Ma Yingjiu for returning to the roots for which the ROC was founded.

Bing said...

how could 国民革命军人give up the song
努力建设中华(mainland and Taiwan) should be sang by every generation of 中华儿女

阿牛 said...

Zhonghua, Bing: I have to disagree. I think this kind of party-centric and nationalistic brainwashing is abhorrent. For the record, I also oppose the pledge of allegiance at school being recited every morning in the US.

Bing Ma Yong said...

I don't see to sing 努力建设中华 as any nationalistic brainwashing

I agree party-centric is not a democratic thing. Is the army still KMT's army?

I am sure PLA shouldn't be CCP's army.

Bing Ma Yong said...

I don't see the problem if DDP sing 台湾人民努力建设台湾

阿牛 said...

1) The army is no longer loyal to the KMT, so my biggest objection is the party-worship in the song.

2) You have correctly called me out on the nationalist question; I would see no problem with the army singing a song about strengthening Taiwan, as this is Taiwan's army, but I strongly reject the proposition that Taiwan is a part of China, and thus I must reject singing about strengthening China in a military academy song.

Tang Buxi said...


The pledge of allegiance example is rather silly. This is Huangpo Military Academy, not your local Valley Pine elementary school. I suspect West Point graduations also have a slightly nationalistic overtone to it... whaddya think? And as far as nationalistic brain-washing, at least the Chinese (including Taiwanese) don't sing the national anthem before every sporting event.

It seems like you're candidly admitting you don't have a problem with nationalism, as long as its Taiwanese nationalism.

I can accept that. I don't have a problem with Taiwanese nationalism either, but I'm determined that Chinese nationalism will ultimately prevail.

阿牛 said...

Your analysis is very close to correct. Basically I dislike nationalism in principal but feel that in the case of Taiwan, it is the best way for her to defend her freedoms and way of life -- for the time being. Hopefully in the future, when no longer under threat, she can integrate or 'unify' on a larger regional basis.

Bing Ma Yong said...

I fully respect that you think Taiwan is not part of China(you mean PRC not ROC) and that's why I said 建设中华.

I see the ideal(not political way) of 中华 covers both mainland and Taiwan.

You also need understand not all Chinese nationalists agree of aiming large amount of missiles to a place where our sisters and brothers live is right.

I also agree with you threatening is not a the way to solve a difference and often it inflame the situation towards the other way.

阿牛 said...

To my Chinese visitors: I appreciate your directness and positive comments in this thread and am glad to see a working dialogue as opposed to insane and inflammatory banter.