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Jun 20, 2008

Suggested links to follow US election

There are a few key sites, that update regularly but not excessively, that I think are key for following the trends in this election. Here are my top six "must visits": takes all the latest polling data on a state-by-state basis, integrates it with three algorithms that average out the last several polls, and projects the likely winner of a state as well as the electoral-vote breakdown. One look a day will keep you updated on the trends, and they have a Firefox plug in that lets you view the latest results in your status bar without ever visiting their page. Sort of a glorified version of Electoral-vote. They have a lot of interesting data and charts, and I recommend visiting them once every day or so as well (Thank god for RSS readers!)

news and views from progressive Asian Pacific Americans participating in Democratic Party politics."

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Robert said...

You forgot one: Politifact

It was actually started by the guys who started Factcheck (which is at the top of my list!)

This a great list. I hadn't heard of almost any of those sites...