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Jun 5, 2008

They actually buy this One Country stuff

Minister of Foreign Affairs Francisco Ou (歐鴻鍊) contacted foreign dignitaries of Taiwan's allies last week and asked them to come visit "The Republic of China," sometimes written as "visit China" (訪華). His message did not use "visit Taiwan," though Ou noted there's no ban on that phrase.

Minister Ou explained in an interview this morning that the new government's basic policy was "One China, two interpretations" and the "92 consensus." Therefore, in official documents, the foreign ministery would use "The Republic of China" to refer to his country and "Mainland China" or "the mainland" for the other side of the strait.

Ou noted that the reason for calling the other side of the strait "Mainland China" or "the mainland" was to avoid the impression of two countries. He pointed that that because the fundamental cross-strait policy was no to "maintain the status quo," and because we are the"Republic of China," calling the other side "The People's Republic of China" would be the same as President Chen's "One side, one country" policy. Therefore, "Mainland China" is a more appropriate choice.

Can you believe our policy is such a steaming pile of crap? Update: Thank goodness for the DPP's official position:

The resolution states that Taiwan is an independent and sovereign country and that change to the “status quo” of independence should require the approval of the people of Taiwan in a national referendum. Taiwan does not belong to the People’s Republic of China, the resolution says, rejecting the “one China” principle and “one country, two systems” model promoted by China.


Tim Maddog said...

I have no problem believing that the Chinese Nationalist Party's (KMT) policy is such a steaming pile of crap. Nor am I surprised that the United Daily Brainwash would be "speculating" about anyone -- other than the "11 bandits" (11寇), of course -- wanting to rewrite the DPP's party resolution on Taiwan's sovereignty.

I am, however, having trouble believing that 7 million people voted for Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九).

Tim Maddog

nostalgiphile said...

This news about the name changes is truly disturbing, and reflects the KMT's bizarre attitude that we need to get back to the way things were before Lee Teng-hui's if the 九二共識 were a way to rewrite history sans troublemaker. I, for one, think this is The End--and don't think we'll have to wait 4 yrs for this country to be a goner.

Also, sad to see that like me, Tim is still in shock. Fact is, just as with Bush in 2004, the people have shown themselves to be totally compliant with the TV take on things. Now roll the next commercial please...

Haitien said...

Seeing as I'm due to be drafted in about a year and a half, I wonder how I'll be expected to defend a country whose government has difficulty seeing exactly what the heck it is.

Or do we plan on disbanding the military by then? Y'know, because some higher up had a gut feeling that if we did that it'd be all rainbows and puppies?

TicoExpat said...

Yep, they already said that the military service was going to be "all voluntary" in less than four years...