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Dec 31, 2007

KMT Central Standing Committee: don't take referendum ballots

Now that the KMT has more or less agreed to a one-step voting procedure, they won't be able to blog the referendum on party proprty just be confusion.

Therefore, despite the fact that they have their own anti-corruption referendum going, the KMT Central Standing Committee has passed a resolution calling on KMT supporters not to take the ballots for the referendum.

Fantastic use of your money gathering signatures, KMT!


Danimalist said...

The CEC announced a ban on the publishing of polls prior to the election. The ban on polls being published within ten days of an election is part of the "Presidential and Vice Presidential Election and Recall Law" not the "Public Officials Election and Recall Law". This is a legislative election, covered by the latter law. Under what authority is the CEC banning polls? Has the "Public Officials Election and Recall Law" been amended since the last election?
Sorry, this is not directly related to the post, but I thought someone reading might know.

阿牛 said...

Yes, apparently the 立委選舉法 has been amended to ban these polls.

Dan said...

Very helpful, thanks!