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Jan 3, 2008


When Chen Shui-bian said the other day on Taichung radio that the KMT was acting like "'a woman who makes a row for no obvious reason" (像查某人在花), and then in his anger repeated "like a woman! like a woman!" I had no idea what he was thinking.

Recently I've been explaining and thinking of A-bian's behavior, even when offensive, as a plan to make Hsieh look very moderate. But this statement cannot possibly be part of a plan.

I really wonder if A-bian has lost it. Consider: his kids hate him being in politics (especially as the president), his wife is about to die, he and his wife face the possibility of sentencing ... I really think maybe he's just sick and tired of it all, or under too much stress, and fear he's going to go off the rhetorical deep end. Then again, I'm not sure what else he has left to say.


Benjamin said...

A-Gu, I think you totally hit it on the head. It's something I've been trying to get at for awhile. It's really tragic too, because he's such a hero, and it sucks seeing him go out like this.


Taiwan Echo said...

"his wife is about to die"

A-Gu, I always respect your point but don't you think this comment is a bit inhumane ?

阿牛 said...

Sorry, don't mean to sound cold, just mean to drill in the the gravity of the situation in his personal life. The fact is her health situation is a burden he has to carry every day, and it shows no signs of improving significantly.

How would this fact make you feel on a daily basis? Especially when her condition was very likely caused by your political opponents? I think you can see how it could send someone off the deep end.