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Dec 18, 2007

KMT legislator caught vote buying on tape

A DPP legislator held a press conference to announce it yesterday, then waited for Chiang Lian-fu's (江連褔) denial. Today, they released the second part of the video where he puts the money in his pocket while saying, "no, no no, I can't do this." Here's a China Times story on it.

He's in Taichung County-3 running against only one DPP candidate in a blue district -- this should mean an unexpected pick up for the DPP.

Video of Chiang's denial press conference.


Raj said...

Though I would hope the voters would not vote for someone clearly taking bribes/buying votes, how likely is it that he will now lose? Do you expect "Blue voters" to stay at home or switch their vote to another candidate?

The third option is that they decide they'd prefer him to the DPP candidate and vote anyway.

阿牛 said...

This should be pretty bad for him, I think. The district wasn't THAT much of a run away win, so it should help the DPP.