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Dec 18, 2007

The KMT's worst nightmares

The KMT came out with a list of 15 scenarios they believed the DPP may pull out before the election in order to win. Apparently, to you know, "vaccinate" against them and to be able to say "I told you so!" later on.

The list is sometimes hilarious for it's obviousness, sometimes for its total improbability, and sometimes because it demonstrates their own worst fears.

Here are the fifteen things the DPP could do and my comments:

  1. Try to spark a fight with China by talking about Taiwanese independence, and try to blame the Ma-Siew ticket for cooperating with China to suppress Taiwan [AG: The DPP always talks about independence from China before the election, and Ma clearly is cooperating with China to prevent Taiwanese independence.]
  2. Set of an explosive at its own headquarters or Hsieh's campaign headquarters and blame China, the red-shirts or the ethnic mainlanders. [AG: good idea, say now that any act of violence directed against the DPP is actually the DPP's own doing.]
  3. Talk about the referendum to try and distract people from the poor economy and corruption of the administration. [Well, they'll certainly talk about the referendum, but also the economy.]
  4. Stir ethnic tensions by saying Ma is from Hong Kong and not fit to be Taiwan's president. [It has nothing to do with him being from Hong Kong and everything to do with his self-identification.]
  5. Assassinate its own candidates so it can blame China and delay or cancel the elections. [Ha!]
  6. Have an official policy to buy votes. [That's rich.]
  7. Use the underground gambling market to alter the general mood before the election. [Would this even work?]
  8. Use telephone calls to harass election workers and service people. [Riiiiiiight...]
  9. Make a video bashing Ma. [Already been done, sirs.]
  10. Use underground radio to spread false rumors and bash the Ma-Siew ticket. [I listen to underground radio daily, and they certainly spend about 90% of the political air time bashing the KMT and the Ma ticket, but they don't particularly have to use lies to do so.]
  11. Threaten voters. [... what?]
  12. Prevent Taiwanese businessmen from coming back to vote. [How?]
  13. Pretend the gods favor the DPP to influence the people's votes. [... they DO favor the DPP ;) They're just sore that Ma-tzu loves the UN referendum.]
  14. Conduct a kidnapping, poisoning or car accident on its own people, just as Chen Shui-bian did all those years ago [I'm speechless. How tasteless to add the last comment! She's almost dead for Christ's sake.]
  15. Pretend to make a vote-buying crackdown, but arrest only the KMT vote buyers. [the DPP doesn't control the organizations that conduct crackdowns on vote-buying...]

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nostalgiphile said...

Wow, you've nailed them. Great post.