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Dec 4, 2007

It's still not all about identity ...

The latest issue of the Taiwanese Dispatch (TGB通訊) is out (issue 99). I was particularly impressed by an article written by Tek-hôa titled, "A movement, or an election company?"

While the article attacks the DPP from a particularly pro-independence point of view, I believe the criticism that the DPP has "lost its way" and is more interested in power than its ideals are felt widely across the country and especially in the light-green spectrum.

There's also annoyance with the identity rhetoric even among some deep-greens.

Here is my favorite paragraph from an article in the Dispatch titled "After the Taiwanese Nationalist Party." I've added English and converted the romanization into the leading candidates for the standardized Taiwanese chracters when possible. I think you'll find it makes the Taiwanese easier to read.

* * * * *

有一寡獨派的朋會講, 2008 年若予馬英九提去, 第 2 工五星就會̄ chhah 佇台灣的土地. 這款講法予我愛笑. 若準連保衛家己國土的決都無, kan-taⁿ 數想用 1 張選票 tō 欲解決所有的代誌,
按呢莫講家己是獨派. 我個人認為投機派較適合一寡人 iah 是團體。


Some supporters of independence will say that if Ma Ying-jeou wins in 2008, the Chinese flag will be flying all over Taiwan the next day. I find it hard not to laugh when I hear this. If you don't even have the determination to protect your own country and want to depend on getting a vote to solve all your problems, then please don't call yourself a member of the independence faction. I think the title vote-getting machine faction is more appropriate for these individuals or groups.
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