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Apr 11, 2009

Your feedback

What sort of posts do you want to see on this blog? What do you find valuable, and what do you find boring? Why do you read? Where are you from (if you're comfortable saying)?

Let me know, and thanks to all readers and commentors!


Unknown said...

I like the A-bian posts.

David said...

I appreciate links to and translations of articles in Chinese-language media. Your comments and insights are also insightful.

Taiwan Echo said...

Whatever you post, man. Keep it a blog of A-gu's, not one of A-gu's readers'. :)

Taiwan Echo said...

Yea, David, what you points out (links to and translations of articles in Chinese-language media) is very important.

In recent years I've switched my online focus from Chinese-language forums to blogs written in English, which gave me a chance to appreciate how much effort you guys put into it to make Taiwan news globally available.

But I found that all that effort covers only a very small part of what's available about Taiwan matters.

I believe one of the reasons is that not all news is translated, which limits the coverage of English blogs.

That's where I have been trying to fit it. Unfortunately, my schedule doesn't allow me to contribute much.

skiingkow said...

As with all blogs (thank goodness for the internet), I like to keep up on different views and opinions from those not in the corporate media. The corporate media, of course, usually has an agenda and / or usually incorporates only a select number of points of view (usually the establishment's point of view). Keep on expressing your opinions, A-gu! Or, if you have no time, keep posting items that we normally would not find elsewhere (and then let the commenters express their opinions).

I think you do a great job! Keep it up!

阿牛 said...

Thx everyone

Carlos said...

I'd like to see some stories about what the Taiwanese government or either major party are doing RIGHT.

Especially the DPP. I've forgotten why I support them. They have to be more than just an anti-KMT.

Stephen said...

Please just keep posting. The Chinese translations and perspectives of the Taiwanese side are good as these are not accessible to most English readers.
Your personal opinions are always good to read.