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Apr 17, 2009

It can't all be that bad

Some seemingly good news on the economic front, though I think the optimism in both the US and Taiwan right now is rather unfounded ...

A survey published by ING Investment Management Asia/Pacific appears to show
that 43-per cent of investors in Taiwan expect the country's economic
situation to improve in the second quarter of 2009.

The percentage represents an upswing of 29-percentage points from the
previous survey - which was conducted in December of 2008 - and in which
only 14-per cent of Taiwanese investors predicted the situation would be
better in the first quarter of 2009.

The increase is the highest seen among the 13 Asia-Pacific markets surveyed
- which included China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia Singapore and Australia.

The increase moved the index from "pessimistic" back into the "neutral"
category - with an ING spokesperson saying that the optimistic sentiment of
Taiwanese investors is reflected in their expectations for the stock market
and stock investment returns.

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corey said...

[it's] always good to be optimistic, man...if I weren't, don't think I could do a lot of the things I do (e.g. study Taiwan). Maybe we [U.S., Taiwan, the world] are a few years off from even beginning to recover, but it will eventually no use being pessimistic about something that will eventually be better :D