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Apr 16, 2009

Chinese media daily round up

Today, in order to filter out noise, I'll stick with CNA articles.

The presidential office has confirmed that Ma will not decide about running for the party chairmanship until June. That's really code for "Ma has to float some trial balloons and see if any other candidates could embarrass him by winning or running anything more than a mock campaign."

A Chinese ARATS delegation will arrive in Taiwan tomorrow afternoon on China Airlines flight CI7952 at about 3:30 (at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport). The group will include a bunch of banking and security people who will be very interested in seeing just how they will manage to help the the Chinese government-industrial complex gain a controlling interest in all major Taiwanese companies & banks (China Times, you're no exception!) Expect feeble protests, air horns and excessive hand wringing.

The legislature is reviewing a bill that will end the awful practice of taping meetings between the accused and their lawyers, while the DPP candidate split in the year-end Tainan county election seems like a sure thing. That kind of infighting will really help them meet the goal of 300,000 at the upcoming May 17th protest!

The foreign ministry denies that China has veto power over Taiwan signing FTAs with other countries, which is only true in the narrowest sense.

Oh, and I discovered the Chinese version of the WSJ site.

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