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Apr 17, 2009

Taiwanese characters / orthography

I get regular hits on the blog from people searcing for 300 standardized Taiwanese characters (hanji).

But I should note that there are, as of now, 400 'suggested' standardized characters put out by the ministry of the education. "Suggested" because the Ministry knew it could not and didn't even want to try to enforce their use at Karaoke or restaurants, the only place most people read Taiwanese.

300 characters were adopted in May 2007, and you can view them here:

臺灣閩南語推薦用字(第1批) (pdf)

Another 100 characters were adopted May 1, 2008 (but largely got ignored due to the impending election), and can be found here:

臺灣閩南語推薦用字(第2批) (pdf)

You can also see a list of some of the suggested revisions and how they would affect Taiwanese songs frequently heard at karaoke:

臺灣閩南語卡拉ok正字字表 (pdf)

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