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Apr 24, 2009


Congrats to the legislature for getting past the first reading of this bill. It will give mainland-born spouses the right to work in Taiwan after obtaining their resident visa, the same (reasonable) standard already applied to other foreigners.

While there are general immigration issues worth considering, it just doesn't make sense to deny these legally entering spouses (normally women) the right to work -- their husbands are rarely of the highest caliber, and the women often must work to support themselves or their new family (husband might not work or may work sporadically). Without the right to work, the Chinese brides are often taking rather unpleasant jobs that pay less than minimum wage (the boss would be fined if caught employing them, so he pays less to compensate himself for the risk).

Hopefully this will improve the lives of a large group of underprivileged women in Taiwan.

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