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Apr 1, 2009

What the hell is the GIO?

Racist Kuo Kuan-ying (郭冠英) returns to Taiwan with Bamboo Union gangster protection and in complete defiance of Taiwanese society, media, and government. But I have to say, this is taking things too far...

DPP Legislator Kao Jyh-peng (高志鵬) said Kuo might have been in contempt of authority under the Criminal Code for saying: “What the hell is the GIO? What is the GIO?” during an interview with TVBS prior to his departure from Toronto.
I'd hate to think a remark like that would be illegal, especially considering Kuo is no longer an employee of the GIO. Then again, Kuo's ganster cronies are nuts, and I hope they'll at least be ticketed for these maneuvers:
Kuo’s driver performed a number of dangerous maneuvers while driving at high speed to try to lose chasing cars. At one point, he drove the wrong way down streets, running red lights and hitting an ETTV cable channel vehicle while making a high-speed turn near Wuxing Street.

An employee at the China Unification Promotion Party (CUPP), established by Chang An-le, said the party had arranged for different cars to carry Kuo during the chase, including two taxis belonging to the Grand Chinese Taxi Association, a chapter of the party.
This is at least a more open revival of the Unificationist-Gangster alliance, if not yet openly a revival of the Party-Gangster alliance of old.


Taiwan Echo said...

IMO, what's more astonishing is the behavior of the police.

They knew Taiwanese are gonna go protest and a confrontation is unavoidable. Violence is foreseeable, and someone could get killed.

But they didn't seem to do anything to separate the crowd and Kuo. They seem to retreat to the back and let those Chinese gangsters handle the situation. In essence they surrendered themselves to the Chinese gangsters, allowing those gangsters to take over the security of an international airport.

This is amazing.

In contrary, Taipei police invaded a pro-green indoor gathering with armed policemen carrying guns, wearing bullet-proof jackets, asking pro-green supporters to hander over their ids.

They treat Chinese gangsters like their boss, and treat green supporters like terrorists. They have become guard dogs of China authority.

Adam said...

A less conspiritorial view of the police is that they are as scared of the bamboo gang as anybody else and therefore stayed to the back.

Raj said...

I thought you might be interested to know that the reports of Taiwan-China military-to-military dialogue are apparently bogus.