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Apr 9, 2009


Time to make a few wild predictions.

+ Houston will win the National League Central Division title and then be screwed in the first series of the playoffs.

+ My map for 2009 County Magistrate election data (soon to be made public) will be updated too infrequently.

+ The DPP will win only 4 mayoral/magistrate posts this election, despite popular unrest over the economy. This will translate into a continued domination of the KMT (with a handful of New Party guys thrown in) over all levels of Taiwanese government.

+ I will feel better as the medicine I took today for my cough continues to work on me.

+ Obama will not make a major breakthrough with Iran in time to prevent really, really big trouble.

1 comment:

Tommy said...

Wow, you really do seem to be in a pessimistic mood if your predictions are anything to go by.