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Jul 22, 2008

Home is where the heart is

ICRT reports:

The DPP has dismissed a comment by former Control Yuan president Wang
Zuo-rong saying that the trend is towards cross strait unification, calling it
nothing more than his own personal opinion.

DPP lawmaker Cai Huang-lang said the future of Taiwan must be decided by the
23 million people of Taiwan in a democratic way, a long-time stance of the now
opposition DPP. In a letter to a local newspaper, Wang called unification a
continuation of the three thousand year historical culture of the ethnically
Chinese people.

The letter said China has in the past been able to accept being ruled by
non-Chinese, but that the country being divided has not been acceptable, and not
lasted long. He concluded that unification would absolutely be beneficial for

Another DPP lawmaker declined to comment on what Wang had written, but said
Taiwanese people are exceedingly clear on what's beneficial to them, with 70
percent in polls having previously said Taiwan should go its own way.

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