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Jul 12, 2008

Formosa TV

Since my loss of cable I've been limited to watching Formosa News (somehow we get that one anyway). And let me just say how disappointing it is to watch them hammer Ma's government for the economy every night on their talk show. I find the total role reversal of TVBS and Formosa TV to be absurd. Three months ago they were essentially running opposite programs -- one apologizing for the government, one slamming it. Now that someone else is in charge, there's an immediate reversal. It's very childish and indefensible. Sure, Formosa's right to show how Ma can't keep the promises he made, but really, does it have to become a FOX News level 24-hour bash fest?


Tim Maddog said...

Perhaps you forgot that FTV sent a cameraman with a "Depose Chen" sticker on his camera to a pro-Chen rally on September 16, 2006.

Pay close attention to how often FTV's anchors and reporters use the word(s) 大陸 ("mainland"), and see if that makes you feel any differently.

Tim Maddog

阿牛 said...

Tim, please. I've seen interviewees on Formosa News saying "mainland" and having the subtitles replaced with "China" (to avoid printing mainland) so many times... they're obviously the closest thing the DPP has to a mouth piece. Hell, they have a whole weekly show devoted to letting DPP legislators run their mouths.