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Jul 30, 2008

Airraid drill will shutdo-- er, black out pubs

Look slike they would have power after all, but they'll just have to block light from exiting the windows.

At least it's a Tuesday.

The Taipei City Government is advising residents to stay home and turn off all their lights between 10:30 and 11PM next Tuesday for the first annual Wan-An air raid drill to be held at night.

The drill covers northern Taiwan and will affect Taipei, Keelung, Yi-lan, Tao-yuan and Xin-chu cities and counties.
Cause no one would bomb anywhere else, right?
According to the Ministry of National Defense ... local government's off all cities and counties involved in the drill will enforce rules calling for all convenience stores, night markets, bars, clubs and pubs to turn off their lights and halt operations during the drill.

Taipei's mass-rapid transit system will continue operations during the drill, but passengers who exit trains will be directed to designated areas, while drivers will be required to pull their vehicles to the side of the road.

Failure to follow the rules will result in fines between 30 and 150-thousand N-T dollars.

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