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Jul 30, 2008

Beijing keeps pressure on Taiwan

Who could have predicted this?

Lawmakers from the main opposition D-P-P have blasted the government over what they charge to be "hypocrisy" in regards its delegations to the Beijing Olympics and that of the nation's diplomatic allies.

According to D-P-P lawmaker's .... the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' lauding of the decision by Taiwan's 23 diplomatic allies not to send their heads of state, or vice presidents to the Games' opening ceremony contradicts the Ma Administration's decision to send several high-ranking K-M-T to Beijing.

Speaking to reporters ... a D-P-P spokesman said that it is total "hypocrisy" for members of the ruling party to attend the event while the leaders of Taiwan's allies are not allowed to send their leaders to the same event.

The D-P-P has called on President Ma Ying-jeou to explain the apparent double standard.

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