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Jul 29, 2008

Central Committee Elections

Sadly, no time to give you the details, but over the last week the DPP and KMT have both had re-elections for their central standing committee. Legislators dominate the KMT CSC, while the former "New Tide" faction did very well in the DPP's election and the candidates from the Justice Alliance, A-bian's old faction, won only 2 seats. Read about the DPP's old factions here; read internal DPP complaints about the election results and the dominance of New Tide here.

By the way, these committees are a Big Deal. True to a Leninist party model, these central standing committees make most of the important policy and directional decisions most of the time, until the occasional meetings of the full central committees and, much more rarely, the party congress.

So whoever is in charge of them has an awful lot of say behind the scenes.

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