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Nov 16, 2007

KMT goes into attack mode, shoots self in foot

The KMT, pissed off with Talking Show's consistant attacks on DPP KMT policy, "declared war" on the show. It was yesterday's Wednesday's lead story in the China Times. What did declaring war actually constitute?

It meant "revealing" that the host of the show applied for KMT membership shortly after martial law was lifted. The KMT then went on to ask, if the host is such a pro-Taiwanization (bentu) person, why would he enter the KMT? If he was so democratic, why did he join the KMT instead of joining the DPP or fighting for democracy? Why did he do it join even after he finished his studies (when students were still forced to join the party)?

This is hilarious because the KMT is almost accidently admitting that it is an anti-Taiwanization (bentu), anti-democratic party that forced people to join the party; on the other hand, the official line denies or ignores all of this to this very day.

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