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Nov 17, 2007

Blue cities, counties plan to split referendum, legislative ballots

In defiance of the Central Election Commission's recent decision to hand out the two legislative ballots and two referendum (one KMT, one DPP) ballots at the same time, cities and counties run by blue administrations are planning on handing the ballots out separately.

This means you'll have to go to one line, get your legislative ballots (first, of course), go drop them in a box and then get in a new line to repeat the process for your referendums.

I'm livid. What sense does it make for the KMT to make its own referendum as difficult as possible to gather the required voter threshold? How dare they simply ignore the CEC, just as they did the Ministry of Education when it mandated nationally unified text books, just because the KMT isn't the one calling the shots?

This again demonstrates the KMT's deep distrust of democracy and their inability to avoid seriously contradicting themselves.

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Raj said...

I doubt it will make a difference. Given two relatively vague/non-relevant referenda got over 40% turnout in 2004 and two-stage voting, I'm fairly sure the DPP ones will pass next year even if the KMT carry out their threats.

It's just an exercise in pettiness.