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Nov 13, 2007

Election lists update

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is scheduled to finalize the nomination of its legislative candidates tomorrow as the registration process is set to begin on Friday, the party's Culture and Information Department Director Hsieh Hsin-ni (謝欣霓) said yesterday.

The registration for January's legislative elections opens on Friday and closes on
Nov. 21.

Also, hat tip to Raj who notified me of Lee Sen-zong (李顯榮) has left the KMT and is joining the DPP. The DPP is likely to find a place for him to run.


Raj said...

So when is the legislative dissolved prior to the election? Also will this legislator keep his seat in yuan before the election?

Raj said...
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Raj said...

Geez, is this another person who's just left?