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Nov 29, 2007

Fetishes (exploitation?) in Taiwan

A video (Chinese) about a classy establishment in Tainan. It's a pool hall and serves tea and some other drinks -- and all of the waitresses are dressed as nurses. The nurses will play pool with you too.

Here's a few more articles about the place (Chinese).

It's strikingly similar (English) to a place near Taipei Main Station otaku everywhere will love where the serving women are dressed in a maid's outfit and waiting on you like your personal slave. It's even called the Fatimaid Cafe. Check it:

For Akiba-types who can't make the pilgrimage to otaku town, Fatimaid is the
place to be. A direct copy of Akihabara's meido cafes, in this fantasy escape,
young women wearing French maid costumes pamper customers with exaggerated
humility and carefully scripted dialogue — just like the heroines in maid
romance anime and comics. "Welcome home, master," says a maid, greeting a guest. ...

There are three maid cafes in Taipei, and one each in Kaohsiung and Tainan. Opening late last year in Ximenting was the Moe Moe Center (萌萌動漫資訊館), with bookstores, a maid cafe and a shop where cosplay fans can get made up to look like their favorite anime characters.

Perhaps par for the course for a country where betel nut (檳榔) is sold by beautiful girls in skimpy clothes.