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Feb 26, 2007

TSU makes 17 nominations; Wang seeks to keep legislators around

台聯公布首波立委提名名單共十七位 (中央社)

The Taiwan Solidarity Union announced nominations for 17 legislative districts, and will not rule out making further announcements. For example, Chang Wen-ying (張溫鷹) was expected to be on the list but has not yet been nominated.

As far as coordinating further nominations with the DPP, the TSU said that they won't rule it out, and would in fact be happy to see it, but it must meet the approval of both parties to work (I suppose he's just leaving himself an out).

And now, for the nominations:

Taipei City Dist. 5 -- David Huang 黃適卓
Dist. 6 -- Lee Shang-ren 李先仁

Taipei County Dist. 1 -- Liu I-de 劉一德
Dist. 2 -- Lin Jih-jia 林志嘉
Dist. 5 -- Liao Pen-yen 廖本煙
Dist. 6 -- Hsiao Kwan-yu 蕭貫譽
Dist. 9 -- Chang Mung-hsieh 莊孟學

Taoyuan County Dist. 4 -- Huang Chung-yung 黃宗源
Taichung City Dist. 3 -- Ho Min-hao 何敏豪
Taichung County Dist. 5 -- Ji-zan Gao高基讚

Changhua County Dist. 4 -- Kuo Lin-yung 郭林勇
Yunlin County Dist. 2 -- Yin Ling-ying 尹伶瑛
Chiayi City (no dist named) -- Ling Tzu-chu 凌子楚

Tainan City Dist. 2 -- Chien Lin Hui-chun 錢林慧君
Kaohsung City Dist. 3 -- Tseng Tsahn-deng 曾燦燈
Dist. 4 -- Lo Chih-ming 羅志明
Pingtung County Dist. 3 -- Huang Chao-chan 黃昭展

王金平:須速協調藍委提名 謹防大選勝轉敗 (中央社)

Speaker Wang Jin-pyng is pointing out that under the single-member district system, the pan-blue camp will have many candidates who have an extremely good chance of getting elected but who cannot be nominated; if precautionary measures aren't taken, this will probably result in the same kind of situation as happened when Chiayi County Commissioner Chen Ming-wen (陳明文) switched to the Green camp and was then easily elected. This kind of situation "would probably cause us to lose a presidential election we should now win," and so the party must quickly take care legislative nominations.

Wang Jin-pying also expressed that people have high expectations and are relying on the KMT, and the KMT must win control of both the Executive and Legislative branches to stabalize society and put the people at ease.

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