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Feb 10, 2007

Buddhist nuns in Taiwan


An Oxford scholar, who's name is transliterated as 龔布瑞契, is said expressed that throughout the world, the status of Buddhism has not been doing particularly well lately, even being pressured by political and other religions; but that in Taiwan the status has obviously increased, and many temples are now being run by nuns. The number of nuns also is the majority of the Buddhist clergy here (aka, Nuns outnumber Monks), and this is a major contribution to the Buddhism and not seen in other parts of the world.

The scholar said at a conference that (besides other things), Nuns make up 75% of those who have left the life of the householder (monks and nuns), a world record.

I can attest to seeing a lot more nuns than monks in Taiwan. This is especially true given that most of the monks I see are Tibetans or other overseas visitors coming here to live in a Taiwanese temple for a while.

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