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Feb 23, 2007

Legislators try to stay skinny

I suppose it's a slow news day for whichever reporter is on the Legislative Yuan beat.

立委跑選區應酬多 維持健康體態各有妙方 (中央社)

(roughly paraphrasing for my convenience:) Worried about their prospects in what will be a very competitive election, legislators are struggling to stay thin despite pressure, a hectic travel schedule and irregular meal times. While DPP legislator Kuan Bi-Ling (管碧玲) is on a low calorie diet and has successfully lost 8 kg, fellow legislator Lin Chung-mo (林重謨) has opted to use ballroom dancing to keep his body in such good shape even his doctor voiced approval.

Other than that, three noteworthy pieces of news.

  1. Frank Hsieh wants to go after KMT territory, something the DPP obviously needs to do since their historic best performance was just over 50% of the vote. 謝長廷:未來要搶國民黨的地盤 (CNA)
  2. The PFP remains uncommitted to supporting either Wang or Ma for an '08 run out of concern for crushing themselves by picking the wrong side. Remember, Soong endorsed Wang in the KMT party chairman election, and that probably hurt Wang more than it helped anyway. 挺王或挺馬?親民黨靜觀其變 保持彈性 (CNA)
  3. When burning incense for the late DPP party chairman Huang Hsin-chieh (黃信介), apparently it came into Chen Shui-bian's (陳水扁) mind to dicide the 2008 DPP presidential nominee by casting the poe/jiao (aka, bamboo divination sticks 筊) and asking Huang what he though. Someone nearby said that Huang had always liked VP Annette Lu the most, so she would probably win. She didn't know what to say to that. BTW, as odd as it sound, this is the same method used to pick Li Yi-ting (李乙廷) for the KMT of Miaoli County, Dist. 1 nomination. 扁呂同上香祭拜信介仙 扁突發奇想:乾脆擲筊 (CNA)

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